Cookie Bouquets

cookie bouquets
the art of creating fruit bouquets?

What are the materials that are used in creating a fruit bouquet. I know that you start with a fresh head of lettuce to line the baskets with and obvisouly you will need the fruits to complete the bouquet but what other materials are needed? I know that you use skewers and also cookie cutters for different shapes such as daisys or stars to make different shapes and designs out of the fruits but what else is needed?
Whats the green that you add to the bouquet? I mean to put between the fruits to make it look like a real bouquet.

strawberries, some dipped in chocolate, pineapple cut in a daisy shape, melon balls, cherries, grapes, fresh watermelon, honey dew, oranges, tangarines, and also pineapple can be dipped in chocolate too.

Line bottom of 10- to 12-inch round basket with green planter foam to come just slightly below top of basket; cover with green crinkly paper shreds or hearty cabbage leaves, to resemble ground cover.

Remove tops and rinds from pineapples, slicing down sides. Place pineapple tops in center of basket.

Slice pineapples horizontally into 10 circles (5 each), each about 1 inch thick. To make pineapple daisies, use 3- to 4-inch daisy-shaped cookie cutter to cut out a pineapple “flower” from each slice. Skewer each flower with dyed skewer through middle, and top with blackberry or melon ball to serve as daisy’s center, for a total of 10 daisies. For “tulips,” skewer strawberries upside down. (You should get about 16 medium to large tulips from a 1-quart basket.)

To make “thistles,” skewer rods of red grapes and rods of green grapes and arrange in the basket in groupings of three to resemble a cluster of thistles.

Insert all the skewered fruits into foam in basket around pineapple top in pleasing arrangement.

Cut honeydew melons and cantaloupes into triangles to decorate (ie, fill in spaces in) lower part of basket.


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